Setting a new standard in brain sensing and neuromodulation

Acquire superior EEG signals faster


High Fidelity | High Spatial Resolution



Unique Electrical Stimulation Platform


Focal | Precise


BETTER understanding starts with CLEANER signals

Cancel muscle artifacts, automatically in real-time. See video >>

Use Cases

See the unseen

Discover new biomarkers

See ERP results faster

Improve accuracy

Modulate GABA & Glutamate

CREmedical’s technology platform


TCRE Tripolar Concentric Ring Electrode

  • Revolutionary design eliminates fundamental problems of existing electrodes
  • Automatically cancel distant signals and noise
  • Provide real physiology, not transformed data from software
  • Provide direct localization of the depth of electrical sources
  • Directly measure Laplacian potentials
  • Suitable for EEG, ECG, EMG, etc.

Brain Sensing

tEEG – Tripolar EEG

  • Reality-based artifact suppression, superior to software filtered data as they may not represent the underlying physiology
  • Significantly improved signal to noise ratio
  • Enhanced spatial resolution and selectivity
  • “See the Unseen” with higher information content
  • Potential to detect biomarkers that are not possible with EEG


TFS Transcranial Focal Electrical Stimulation

  • Noninvasive, focal stimulation via the CRE
  • Stopped or reduced acute seizures in various animal models
  • Abolished status epilepticus
  • Protected neurons from status epilepticus
  • Increased inhibitory neurotransmitter (GABA); reduced excitatory neurotransmitter (Glutamate)
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