Experience the Advantages of Transcranial Focal Electrical Stimulation (TFS)

Concentric Ring Electrode (CRE) for Stimulation 

The outer ring and the center disc are used for delivering focal stimulation.

Outer ring diameter =10mm or 6mm.  Custom size may be available upon request.

Cable length up to 6 ft.  Custom length may be available upon request.

Patent No. US8352012B2, US8615283B2, US8626259B2, and US9399133B2

Transcranial Focal Stimulator

The Transcranial Focal Stimulator is designed to be compatible with our unique concentric ring electrodes. It is a constant current stimulator. The user can configure the stimulator through an efficient user interface consisting of a character LCD and a five-button pad. There are five indicator LEDs: device on, stimulation active, over current detected, out of range impedance, and low battery.

The user can set stimulation parameters: current amplitude, pulse duration, frequency, and train duration.

In addition to pulse trains, four arbitrary waveforms are available to the user.

The stimulator runs off 4-AA batteries, has built-in impedance checking, and can provide up to 50 mA (into a 2kΩ load), with pulses from 10 µs to 500 µs, at frequencies from 5 to 500 Hz.


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